bearing petals
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Flowers' petals


Pea petals


Corolla petals

Petals' essence
Flower petals
ALAESide petals
COROLLAPetals, collectively
ALAEWinglike petals.
ALAEWinglike petals
ALAESome flower petals.
STREWScatter rose petals
STREWScatter, like petals
ALAESide petals: Botany.
DEWBeads on petals
COROLLAGroup of petals.
ALAESide petals: Bot.
COROLLAFlower's petals, collectively
ATTARPerfume from petals
ATTARProduct of petals.
STREWSScatters, as petals
LACINIATEFringed, as petals.
ATTARProduct of petals
EVOLUTEUnfolded, as petals.
COROLLAFlower petals, collectively
ALAEPea-plant petals
ATTAROil from petals
FLOWERCOMPACTPowder from petals?
COROLLASGroups of petals
ALAEPetals, in botany.
FLORISTSPeddlers of petals
ALARHaving side petals
BLOOMEDOpened its petals
ALAECorolla petals on legumes
SNOWMass of white petals.
ATTAROil from rose petals
BEEIt settles on petals
ATTAROil from rose petals.
ALAESide petals, to botanists
STREWToss about, as petals
PANSYFlower with velvety petals