before a vowel
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

Vowel with a vowel two before it and two after it in its alphabet


Vowel before omicron


Vowel before an accented syllable.

Omit a vowel
Skip a vowel
ELIDEBypass a vowel
ELIDEDrop a vowel
MACRONDiacritic over a vowel
ETAH that's a vowel
ELISIONOmission of a vowel.
NTHDegree without a vowel
ELIDEOmit, as a vowel.
ELIDESuppress, as a vowel
MACRONMark over a vowel
ELIDELeave out a vowel
MACRONMark over a vowel.
BREVESymbol over a vowel
BREVECurve over a vowel
EIOA-U vowel connection
ETAA vowel for Zeno
SPINSDoesn't buy a vowel
UMLAUTMark over a vowel.
BREVEMark over a vowel
ELIDEOmit a vowel sound
ELIDESlur over a vowel
ELISIONSuppression of a vowel.
ACCENTMark over a vowel
ELIDESuppress a vowel or syllable
BREVEMark over a short vowel.
ACEPlaying card bearing a vowel
ELIDEOmit a vowel in speech
ELIDESOmits a vowel, e.g.
DIERESISTwo dots over a vowel
ELIDESlur over, as a vowel
BREVEMark over a short vowel
ELIDESlur over a final vowel.
ELIDEDrop a vowel in pronunciation
MACRONMark over a long vowel.
VEEFirst of a vowel fivesome?
AEIStart of a vowel sequence