by many times
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Historic Italian town damaged many times by earthquakes


Many times

OFTENMany times
ALOTMany times
OFTENMany times.

Many times, poetically

Increase many times
"... said many times ..."
OFTMany times: Poet.
ITERATESUtters many times.
THOUSANDFOLDMany times more.
HOW"... Many More Times"
MULTIMany times before?
ASIVE'-- said many times ...'
OFTMany times o'er
OFTENMany, many times
OFTMany times, briefly
OFTMany times, to Keats
NOONHOURSLunch times for many
NOONSLunch times for many
TEENSTroublesome times, for many
OFTMany times, in verse
MULTIMany times over: Prefix.
OFTMany times, to Thoreau
OLDTold too many times
TEENSTroubled times for many
OFTMany times, to Browning
DISNEYMany-times Oscar winner.
ETESTimes for many Tours tours
HAPPYBIRTHDAYSong sung many times daily
ITOLD"How many times have ... you"
THEArticle you've read many times
EASTERSChurchgoing times for many nonchurchgoers
REWEDLike Liz Taylor, many times
ETSAnd many times in France?
MULTIMany times more than: Prefix.
SAMEOLDSTORYYou've heard it many times before
NAGSReminds a few too many times
DISTANTRELATIVEOne may be removed many times
CHESTNUTJoke you've heard many times before