Crossword Clue:

containing tin

AnswerCrossword Clue
STANNICContaining tin
FERRICContaining iron
AURICContaining gold
ARGENTINEContaining silver
KOLASNuts containing caffeine
FERRIIron-containing: Prefix
PYRITESSulfide-containing group
ANACINPainkiller containing caffeine
ALGAChlorophyll-containing microorganism
ATLASBook containing legends
TAMALEDish containing masa
ORESMetal-containing rocks
RNAUracil-containing macromolecule
PUREContaining no admixtures
ANILDye containing indigotin
TACOSDishes often containing cheese
CELSArt containing 4-Down
SEPMo. containing Constitution Day
IODATEA halogen-containing salt
DIOXIDECompound containing 10-Down
ROMECity containing a country
ESSWord containing itself twice
ANOSPeriods containing 2-Downs
BRENTLondon borough containing Wembley Stadium
PANGRAMSentence containing all 26 letters
OCTMo. containing U.N. Day
PAREVEContaining neither meat nor dairy
INBOXTray containing work to do
NOVMo. containing Guy Fawkes Day
NYENevada county containing Yucca Mountain
WETCELLBattery containing a liquid electrolyte
MARINCalifornia county containing Muir Woods
ITSPossessive often containing a mistaken apostrophe
ATTICARegion of Greece containing the capital
ANACINPain reliever containing aspirin and caffeine
HITECHContaining state-of-the-art gadgetry
UVEAUnit of the eye containing the iris
CAVERNLocation containing 10-Downs and 25-Downs
KERRYIrish county containing the Lakes of Killarney
UVEAPart of the eye containing the iris