from the east
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AnswerCrossword Clue

From the East

ORIENTALFrom the East
ASIATICFrom the East

Kings from the East


Trio from the East

Priest from the East
West from the East
ASIANFrom the Far East
MAGITravellers from the East
MYRRHGift from the East
LAMASPriests from the East
AMAHNurse from the East
OBIBand from the East
WESTERNMOSTFarthest from the east
OCCFrom the East: Abbr.
ISSEIEmigrant from the east
OBIBand from the East?
ASIANOne from the East
RAMIEFiber from the East
IND"From the east to western ...."
ASIANFrom east of the Urals
BAMBOOImport from the East Indies.
CHAISpiced tea from the East
MAEA West from the East.
MAGIWise men from the East
ASIATICFrom east of the Urals
CURRYCondiment from the Far East.
ASIANFLUUnwanted import from the East?
MAEA West from the East
ELALFlight from the Mid-East
ASIANFLUUnwanted visitor from the East
SARONGMode from the Far East.
ASIANFrom the Far East, say
EUROPEANEELSargasso Sea spawner from the east
IND"From the east to western ...": Shak.
JAVACoffee from the Dutch East Indies.
JADECarved treasure from the Far East.
YMYVIRXBPoor relation from the East (8)
OILERA ship from the Middle East, perhaps
KILIMFlat, woven rug from the Middle East