Crossword Clue:

having many strands

AnswerCrossword Clue
SOFTLAIDHaving loose strands, as rope.
RILLYHaving many streams.
AGEDHaving many years.
RAMOSEHaving many branches
CAUSTICHaving many barbs
MULTIPLEHaving many parts.
INTHESAUCEHaving one too many
OLDHaving had many birthdays
IDEAEDHaving so many notions.
MULTIHaving many: Comb. form
OLDHaving lived many years
STOCKYARDPlace having many pens
TYPECASTNot having many different parts?
HYDRAHEADEDHaving many facets or complications
TOURISTYHaving many gift shops, maybe
BIGAMISTPerson having one too many?
LITHaving had way too many
ROOTYHaving many underground parts, as plants.
WELLREPRESENTEDHaving many of your group attending
SOTOne perhaps having one too many
BUSYHaving many irons in the fire
OCTALHaving half as many digits as hex
HOTHaving many fans ... or needing a fan?
MAYWhen you stop having so many showers?
SEMEHaving a design of many small figures, in art.
PEPOFruit having a hard rind and pulpy, many-seeded interior.
PROTEANArrangement for a tenor with piano, having many variations (7)
FORKTAILEDHaving the widest end feathers at the outside, as in many birds