line of battle
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Part of battle line.


Spreads out in line of battle.


Projecting part of a battle line

Battle line?
FRONTBattle line
PHALANXBattle line
Old battle line?
REDANBattle line projection
YSER1914 battle line
FRONTForemost battle line
DEPLOYForm a battle line.
YSER1914 Belgian battle line
FRONTMain battle line, with "the"
EASTERNFRONTWorld War II battle line
BRYANSKRussian city on battle line.
ORELCity on Russian battle line.
ORELRussian city on battle line.
BOLOGNAUniversity city in battle-line.
DEPLOYSSpreads into a battle line
YSERBelgian river, a W.W. I battle line