Crossword Clue:

measure the girth of

AnswerCrossword Clue
PLUMBMeasure the depth of
ASSESSESTakes the measure of
GAUGEMeasure the dimensions of
GNPMeasure of the econ.
TIMEMeasure the length of
RETIMEMeasure the length of again
REACH"Tale of the tape" measure
HANDELBAROne measure of "The Messiah?"
TICKA measure of the clock.
WEIGHSCALESThey measure the tonnage of trucks
ENTROPYMeasure of the disorder in a system
TITRATEMeasure the strength of, in a way
MACHNUMBERMeasure of speed, in the jet age.
FIGNEWTONMeasure of the force of falling fruit?
MEDIANINCOMEMeasure of the wealth of groups of families
REBARChange the position of measure lines in music.
HANDUnit in the measure of a horse's height
WAVELENGTHMeasure of the evening's success when saying farewell?
SEXTANTSNavigational tools that measure the positions of celestial bodies
CLAYAIKENSinger with the double-platinum album "Measure of a Man"
PROTAGORASGreek philosopher who wrote "Man is the measure of all things"
FSTOPMeasure in which 2 is half the size of 1.4
CUBITMeasure from the elbow to the end of the middle finger
FILIBUSTERUse of irregular tactics to prevent the adoption of a measure