of or pertaining to nymphs also NYMPHIC
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Pertaining to the wood nymphs: Gr. myth.


Pertaining to marine organisms on or near surface of sea.


Pertaining to supervisors or bosses

Pertaining to magic or astrology
Pertaining to knots or bumps
TONALPertaining to color or music.
GENETICPertaining to evolution or heredity.
RIMALPertaining to a cleft or fissure.
TORSILEPertaining to a turning or twisting.
ANATOMICPertaining to plant or animal structure.
EOANPertaining to the dawn or east.
MINISTERIALPertaining to administrative or executive duties.
NEMORALPertaining to a wood or grove.
PARENTALPertaining to one's mother or father
FILIALPertaining to a son or daughter
VIATICALPertaining to a road or traveling
SECTORALPertaining to a region or zone
LITTORALPertaining to the beach or shore
DAIRYPertaining to milk, butter or cheese
MARINEPertaining to a sea or ocean, but not a freshwater lake