one that reshapes something
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Start something that one shouldn't start


Something that nearly one million Americans practice regularly


"... that something!"

Something that poisons.
Something that is.
ALOESomething that soothes
SOPSomething that pacifies.
ROTATORSomething that turns.
GEE"Isn't that something!"
MOODSomething that swings
OOMPHThat certain "something"
PHEW"That was something!"
MISTSomething that obscures.
AURAThat special something
NOSESomething that smells?
STRAITJACKETSomething that restricts.
LIGATIONSomething that binds
THORNSomething that annoys.
OOMPHThat certain something
AURAThat certain something
RUBSomething that annoys.
ELANThat certain something
ORNAMENTSomething that beautifies.
ALLUREThat certain something
FACTORSomething that matters
BALMSomething that soothes
LORESomething that is learned.
OWIESomething that hurts, slangily
DEADENDSomething that leads nowhere.
ORIGINALSomething that gets copied
OOMPHThat little extra something
ORESomething in that vein?
APRILSomething that begins foolishly?
MEMESomething that goes viral
OOMPHThat certain sexy something
ROTATERSomething that spins: Missp.
ADIEUSomething that is bid
MAN"That was sure something!"
BROWSomething that is furrowed
EGOSomething that may swell