one who liberates
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AnswerCrossword Clue

One who tries


One who gladdens


One who cans?

One who currupts
One who reclines
BIDEROne who stays.
COPEROne who strives
GRAPPLEROne who wrestles
MUSEROne who ruminates
SUEROne who prosecutes.
DOTEROne who mollycoddles
LIEROne who lurks
SOLACEROne who comforts
TOTEROne who lugs
DELUDEROne who misleads
NESTLEROne who cuddles
EVENEROne who balances
COSSETEROne who pampers.
ALIGNEROne who straightens
NAMEROne who christens
OWNEROne who has
PAGEROne who folios.
DESIREROne who wants
ABIDEROne who stays.
ESSAYEROne who tries.
CAJOLEROne who wheedles
IEROne who: Suffix.
RATOne who sings
AMASSEROne who stockpiles
RATOne who blabs
FAKEROne who feigns
TWADDLEROne who prates
ADMANOne who pitches
CADGEROne who sponges
REMITTEROne who pays
JEEREROne who scoffs
TOTEROne who hauls
ADORNEROne who decorates
LASHEROne who binds
MISDOEROne who errs