one who moderates
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AnswerCrossword Clue

One who moderates.


One who mocks


Who, for one

One who defiles
One who denies
JOSHEROne who teases
RATEROne who appraises
ECHOEROne who repeats
RENOUNCEROne who abdicates
SEEKEROne who searches
RATOne who sings
DONOROne who gives
ENDORSEROne who sanctions
ATTENDEEOne who shows
OWEROne who charges
CRYEROne who weeps
EVADEROne who sidesteps.
ENTICEROne who tempts
ABASEROne who degrades
GIBEROne who taunts
AVOIDEROne who shuns
TOTEROne who carries
CANARYOne who sings
NEGATOROne who denies.
PAUSEROne who hesitates
MOMOne who delivers
HEEDEROne who minds
ADOREROne who admires
NAMEROne who specifies
COPEROne who manages
SWAYEROne who influences.
EATEROne who dines
COSSETEROne who pampers.
URGEROne who encourages
BAITEROne who heckles
LOOTEROne who pillages
TENDEREROne who offers
LOOTEROne who rifles
ASSUMEROne who pretends
DEFIEROne who resists