person or thing that routes
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Person or thing

ENTITYPerson or thing

Unique thing or person


Essential person or thing.

Distinct person or thing.
Person or thing detested.
NOUNPerson, place, or thing
ONERUnique person or thing
ANATHEMADespised thing or person
NOUNPerson, place or thing
RARAAVISUnusual person or thing.
ANATHEMADetested person or thing
NOUNPerson place or thing
JUMBOBig clumsy thing or person.
SOANDSOAn unnamed person or thing.
NOUNPerson place or thing grammatically
IDOLPerson or thing blindly adored.
ONERUnique person or thing: Slang.
RARAAVISUnusual person or thing: Lat.
MITEVery small person or thing.
NOUNPerson or place or thing
LULUOutstanding person or thing: Slang.
NOUN"Person," "place" or "thing," e.g.
IDOLPerson or thing with a following
THELIKEPerson or thing similar to another
NOUNPerson, place or thing, in grammar
NOUNPerson, place, or thing, in grammar
ELEMENTEnvironment adapted to any person or thing.
ANTITYPEPerson or thing foreshadowed by a preceding one.
NOUNSchoolhouse Rock "A ... Is a Person, Place or Thing"
NOUNSchoolhouse Rock "A ... is a Person, Place, or Thing"