Crossword Clue:

pertaining to a tacket a hobnail

AnswerCrossword Clue
MARINEPertaining to a sea or ocean, but not a freshwater lake
MAIDENLYPertaining to a spinster
STELARPertaining to a cenotaph
TOPICALPertaining to a place
REGNALPertaining to a sovereign
LITTORALPertaining to a shore
ROYALPertaining to a sovereign
ANTRALPertaining to a cavity
CIVICPertaining to a municipality
SOLARPertaining to a superstar?
TEXTUALPertaining to a manuscript
ELECTORALPertaining to a primary
AREALPertaining to a space
NODALPertaining to a junction
DOTALPertaining to a dowry.
DUCALPertaining to a nobleman.
OBSESSIONALPertaining to a siege.
SHRIEVALPertaining to a sheriff.
VIATICPertaining to a journey.
MODULARPertaining to a standard.
NEMORALPertaining to a forest.
PODALPertaining to a foot.
ETNEANPertaining to a volcano.
AVALPertaining to a grandparent.
PARIETALPertaining to a wall.
STRATALPertaining to a layer.
AREALPertaining to a region.
BRIDALPertaining to a wedding.
CETALPertaining to a whale.
NEPOTALPertaining to a nephew.
ADRENALPertaining to a gland.
DOMALPertaining to a house.
MANORIALPertaining to a house.
ORBITALPertaining to a sphere.
SCUTALPertaining to a shield.
VATICPertaining to a prophet.
ERIANPertaining to a lake.
ODICPertaining to a poem.
SESSIONALPertaining to a meeting.
SPONSORIALPertaining to a patron.