Crossword Clue:

the direction faced

AnswerCrossword Clue
REFRACTChange the direction of
ASTEP... in the right direction
TOWARDIn the direction of
TOWARDSIn the direction of
SSEThe direction to Hussein's heart
HEADTOMove in the direction of
MISAIMPoint in the wrong direction
DOWNElevator direction half the time
ASTEPTake ... in the right direction
EASTPoint in the right direction?
EASTHeading in the right direction?
ONCOURSEGoing in the right direction
ORIENTSPoints in the right direction
ORIENTTurn in the right direction
RUSHTOHurry in the direction of
FROReturning in the opposite direction
TOSSTOThrow in the direction of
ORIENTPoint in the right direction
ZAGVeer back in the other direction
WESTDirection in which the sun sets
GEEROne going in the right direction?
RIPSaw in the direction of the grain
RIPCut in the direction of the grain
UPTOWNTrain direction from Manhattan to the Bronx
LEETIDECurrent flowing in the direction of the wind
LEETIDEWater current in the same direction as the wind