Crossword Clue:

the process of macadamising also MACADAMIZATION

AnswerCrossword Clue
REVERSEOSMOSISChemical process also called hyperfiltration
STARTTOBegin the process of
STEPPart of the process
OROGENYThe process of mountain formation
SCORIALeftover of the smelting process.
SCABPart of the healing process
AGINGPart of the winemaking process
HALFBLOOMEDIn the process of flowering?
STEELProduct of the Bessemer process
ROOTINGOUTUsing the process of elimination
CHYMEFood in the process of digestion.
LOOPPart of the lace-tying process
SATSDreaded parts of the coll. admission process
AMERICANIZATIONA step in the process of democratization.
HASASAYIs part of the decision-making process
IODOMETRICPertaining to the process of determining iodin volumetrically.
AYNRand who wrote "Civilization is the process of setting man free from men"
CASTINGCALLProcess for selecting theatrical performers, and a hint to the first word of the answers to starred clues
TWICEThe Process of Elimination: In the answer to each starred clue, cross out any letter that appears ...; then read the letters that remain