Crossword Clue:

the sound of chirring

AnswerCrossword Clue
TUNEThe sound of music
SITARSound of the 60's
DRAWLSound of the South
PUGETSound of the Northwest
MACHONEThe speed of sound
HUSHThe sound of silence
HOHOHOMerry sound of the season
REEDYLike the sound of bagpipes
REEDYLike the sound of oboes
HORNSHallmark of the Philadelphia sound
CAWEDMade the sound of a crow
THUDDefinitely not the sound of success
SCHWASound in the middle of Italy
LONGIEnd of July by the sound?
SHRILLLike the sound of a siren
SHRILLLike the sound of a teakettle
RESONANTLike the sound of a gong
REEDYLike the sound of a clarinet
REEDYLike the sound of an oboe
CLAPSound of shutters in the wind
STOPCry after the sound of a bell
SPLATSound of ice cream hitting the floor
FINALBIDPreceder of the sound of a gavel
RUSTLESound of a willow in the wind
LONGESound at the front of East Hampton
TIMECry after the sound of a bell
MACHIt's calculated relative to the speed of sound
ENOComposer of the Windows 95 start-up sound
EGOSThey get in the way of sound thinking
BELLSound signaling the start and end of class
LONGEVowel sound at the end of 39-Across
HORNSound that signifies the end of a basketball game
TWEETSound from the nest
CAWSound from the cornfield
SHHSound at the movies
MUTEDWith the sound off
BLEATSound from the fold
BAASound from the fold
SANESound in the head
SHHSound in the stacks