the state of being quadrivalent also QUADRIVALENCY
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State that is also the title of a Springsteen album


The state of being wrong.


The state of being voiced.

In the state of being tested.
Girl's name that's also a state abbreviation
UREState of being: Suffix.
TRITURATIONState of being pulverized.
SAVAGERYState of being uncivilized.
LIQUIDITYState of being fluid.
ADHESIONState of being united.
TORSIONState of being twisted.
ARCUATIONState of being bent.
APRIORITYState of being deductive.
NESSState of being: Suffix.
NESSState of being: Suffix
UNITARINESSState of being undivided
ARREARSState of being late
UNIFICATIONState of being joined
TAMENESSState of being broken
LATENCEState of being dormant.
OBSCURITYState of being unknown
ANCEState of being: Suffix.
FELICITYState of being happy.
ODIUMState of being hated.
PANEITYState of being bread
ARROGANCYState of being domineering.
FREENESSState of being autonomous.
ARREARSState of being behind
CONJUNCTIONState of being joined together
ASCENDANTState of being in control
MANNHOODState of being educator Horace?
NONAGEState of being under 21.
ELIOTNESSState of being Prufrock's creator?
INADMISSIBILITYState of being not allowable
ROBINHOODState of being a bird?
EVERSIONState of being turned outward
STEAMSHIPState of being water vapor?
TORSIONState of being twisted [1933]
KEENNESSState of being very sharp.
ABIOSISState of being without life.