the upas tree
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Upas tree gum resin.


The Tyburn Tree.


Millay's "The ... Tree"

The lacquer tree.
Decorates the tree
DECORATETrim the tree
SORBThe service-tree.
BALATAThe bully tree.
ICHOThe ginkgo tree
SAMANThe rain tree.
LOPTrim the tree
BAY"The Green ... Tree."
CACAOThe chocolate tree.
BITTERWOODThe paradise tree
GREENWOOD"Under the ... tree."
BAMB"Under the ... Tree"
TINSELSDecorates the tree
FEEDBelly "... the Tree"
LOPSTrims the tree
TINSELEDLike the Yule tree
ANAMTree of the Philippines
DATEPALMTree of the desert
LOTUSTree in the Odyssey
BARK"... up the wrong tree."
PEAR"The ... Tree," Millay poem
TRIMDecorate the Christmas tree
MAGNOLIATree of the South
PINOTree of the Southwest.
KINIn the same tree
IPILTree of the Philippines
TRIMPrepare the Xmas tree
APPLEThe tree of knowledge.
RETEMBiblical tree, the juniper.
MOUNTAINHEMLOCKTree of the Cascades
PLANETree, as the sycamore.
BAOBABTree of the Bushveld
PINONTree of the southwest.
MAINEThe Pine Tree State
ALAMOTree of the Southwest