to adjust
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Adjust (to).

ORIENTAdjust to.
ATTUNEAdjust (to)

Adjust to surroundings


Tried to adjust

Adjust to change
Adjust to changes
ORIENTAdjust to facts
ADAPTAdjust to fit
MALStart to adjust?
TUNEAdjust to resonance.
ADAPTAdjust to suit
ORIENTHelp to adjust
SIZEAdjust to fit
ORIENTATEAdjust to circumstances.
ENURETo adjust to
ADAPTAdjust to the environment
EDITAdjust to fit, perhaps
ADAPTAdjust to new conditions
ORIENTAdjust to a situation
ORIENTAdjust to a situation.
ADAPTAdjust to something new
ALINEAdjust to a line.
ORIENTATEAdjust to a situation.
ORIENTSHelps newcomers to adjust
ADAPTAdjust to a situation
RESETTLEAdjust to a new home
ORIENTAdjust with relation to facts.
ADAPTAdjust to a new situation
ORIENTATEAdjust (oneself) to a situation.
TUNEAdjust to the correct pitch
READAPTAdjust again to a situation
REORIENTAdjust, as to a new situation
SETAdjust to the desired wake-up time, as an alarm
SEALEGSAbility to adjust one's balance to the motion of a ship