Crossword Clue:

to alter change

AnswerCrossword Clue
ABELINCOLNPolitical leader who patented a system to alter the buoyancy of steamboats
RESETChange to 000
MUTABLESubject to change
SETUnlikely to change
ADAPTChange to suit
FLUIDTending to change
STANDPATRefuse to change
INERTIADisinclination to change
CABANAPlace to change
FLUIDSubject to change
INTERStart to change?
INERTIAResistance to change
LABILEApt to change
PROTEANAble to change shape
LABILEReadily open to change
RETRAINPrepare to change careers
RESTAREAPlace to change drivers
CABANAPlace to change trunks
CASTIRONNot subject to change
ADAPTChange according to circumstances
CLOUTAbility to effect change
EARTHSHATTERINGLikely to change everything
DYEChange from bland to blond?
UNITEChange from two to one
CABANAPlace to change at the beach
LEAPSECONDTiny change to a master clock
CNOTESThey may be hard to change
SETDATEAppointment that may be hard to change
GOREChange a letter in 110-Across to spell...
SHIFTGEARSMake an abrupt change ... and a hint to this puzzle's theme
TEMPECity that becomes another city if you change both its vowels to A's
SLYWord that becomes its own synonym if you change its first letter to WI
IRANCountry whose name becomes another country if you change the last letter to a Q
WRISTSBody parts that become other body parts if you change the second letter to an A
TEMPEU.S. city whose name becomes another city's name if you change both its vowels to A's