to become different
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AnswerCrossword Clue

..... to be different

DARE... to be different
DARE"... to be different"

Appear to be different?


Different sides to observe

Assign to different stacks
Go to a different state?
IALCompletion to "proverb" or "different"
GASIFIESGoes to a different state?
RETRAINTeach a different skill to
VEERDirect to a different course.
ASONIAInability to distinguish different pitches
TRANSFERMove to a different branch
REHOUSESMoves to a different location
RELETRent to a different tenant
OFFBEATMarching to a different drummer
MELTMove to a different state?
ELEPHANTSSandburg's "... Are Different to Different People"
RESEATMove patrons to a different table
REFERDirect, as to a different doctor
DRILLTEAMThey march to a different beat?
ALTARNATIVEA different place to get married?
BIOLOGYLABWhere to learn about different cultures?
OTOHInternet shortening to introduce a different view
DECANTSTransfers to a different container, as wine
CAMEAROUNDConceded to a different course of action
RECUSEMISSIONOrganized effort to get a different judge?
EXESThey're generally assigned to different tables at weddings
RESEATUsher to a different part of the theater
SWITCHSHUNTSChange devices that divert trains to different tracks?
REMAPSAssigns to a different key, as a computer function
ASAGRAYTo whom Charles Darwin dedicated "Different Forms of Flowers"
ICANNOTTELLALIEGolfer's lament about failing to recognize different ball positions?
CHANGEDIRECTIONGo a different way ... or a clue to the puzzle's theme
RAMSOnly N.F.L. franchise to win championships representing three different cities
ANDRETTIOnly person to be named Driver of the Year in three different decades
PITINOOnly men's basketball coach to lead three different schools to the NCAA Final Four
ALLINTHEFAMILYGroundbreaking sitcom, and a hint to four different three-letter words concealed by starred answers
ALOUOnly player other than Sheffield to make the All-Star team with five different clubs