to border
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Border, to Brutus


Border river, to Mexicans


Served as a border to.

Go from border to border
To be, below the Border
RIOBRAVOTexas' southern border, to Mexicans
MOOSBacktalk to a Border collie
PERFCertain border, to a philatelist
WEEDEATERIt's used to define a border
ELPASOHome to the National Border Patrol Museum
TRIESTEItalian city close to the Slovenia border
SEWSAdds a border to a quilt, e.g.
ENGLISHEPHERDBorder collie's look-alike, to a double-crosser
VISASThey need to be in order at a border
SLOVAKIAHome of the only world capital to border two other countries
ETHIOPIAIt has reached a deal with Eritrea to end their border war
ETHIOPIAIt has accepted a plan to end its two-year-old border war
INYOCounty that is home to Death Valley and has Mount Whitney on its western border