to employ sign language
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Gorilla trained to use sign language


Gorilla famously taught to use sign language


First ape trained to communicate with humans in sign language

Sign language?
AMESLANSign language
Unlike sign language
EPEESign-language developer
EPEESign-language inventor
EPEESign-language pioneer
MERGEMore sign language?
PEDStroller, in sign language?
CHIMPSign language communicator, maybe
APENonhuman sign language learner
STOPBit of sign language?
PEDSWalkers, in sign language
DEAFNeeding sign language, say
WASHOESign language using chimpanzee
PEDSign language for walkers?
PEDWalker, in sign language
APESSome sign language users
EPEEFrench pioneer of sign language
KOKOGorilla who learned sign language
KOKOGorilla skilled in sign language
EPEEInventor of a sign language
NONVOCALUsing sign language e.g.,
KOKOGorilla that learned sign language
DEAFLike most sign-language users
EPEEInventor of a sign language.
KOKOGorilla pioneering in sign language
DEAFLike many sign-language users
MANUALPHABETAmerican Sign Language uses one
EPEESign language pioneer Abbe de l'...
DEAFLike many users of sign language
EPEEAbbe de l'..... (sign language pioneer)
EPEEAbbe de l'... (sign language pioneer)
DEAFLike most users of sign language
CHIMPAnimal that can learn limited sign language
KOKOGorilla who was famously taught sign language
ORALISTOne who favors lipreading over sign language
WASHOEChimpanzee noted for learning a sign language