to heat insufficiently
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Pertaining to heat.


Relating to heat


Heat to 212??

Pertaining to heat
Subject to heat.
CALORHeat, to Geraldo
ROASTExpose to heat.
ARMSupply heat to?
COOKApply heat to
ROASTHeat to excess
BAKEExpose to heat
THAWSResponds to heat
PREStart to heat?
CALORIFICRelating to heat
THERMICDue to heat
CALORHeat, to Cicero
ANNEALSubject to high heat.
BOILHeat to 212 degrees
DROOPReact to heat, perhaps
SEARApply intense heat to
MICAMineral resistant to heat
BROILExpose to intense heat
SCALDHeat to near boiling
COPSHeat, to a hood
RODHeat, to a hood
SCALDHeat almost to boiling
BROILSubject to great heat.
SEARExpose to intense heat
ROASTSExposes to dry heat
SWEATReact to the heat
KILNPlace to heat pottery
MICAMineral resistant to heat.
ANNEALHeat to prevent stress
WILTReact to the heat
ANNEALHeat to remove stress
ANNEALHeat and cool, to strengthen
SHAQFormer Heat player, to fans
HUMIDConducive to inducing prickly heat
SNOWCONESTreats to beat the heat
UNARMEDLacking heat, so to speak