Crossword Clue:

to insure again

AnswerCrossword Clue
REHEARDListened to again
REAIMPrepare to fire again
RELOADSPrepares to fire again
RELAPCatch up to again
RESOWGo to seed again?
RECURCome to mind again
REPACKPrepare to travel again
RESTEDReady to play again
RESETReady to be used again
RECUEFeed a line to again
RESEEDSTries again to make rain
RELOADGet ready to shoot again
RERIGMake ready to sail again
REOILTry to stop a squeak again
THEMESSome bars returned to again and again?
WISERNot so likely to be fooled again
INREVERSEReady to leave the garage [here we go again!]