to move gradually
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Move gradually

EDGEMove gradually.
INCHMove gradually
OOZEMove gradually

Move along gradually


Gradually appeal to

Gradually appealed to
Approached gradually, with "to"
WEANEDCaused to withdraw gradually
EASEINTOGet used to gradually
WEANCause to withdraw gradually
ERODECause to gradually vanish
PHASEOUTBring to an end gradually
GROWONBecome gradually more desirable to
TAPERGradually decrease to a point
ROTATEINAdd gradually to a cycle
TAPERCome to a point gradually
STIRSINGradually adds, as to batter
KNEADINAdd gradually, as to dough
ERODEGradually surrender to wind and water
ROTATEINAdd gradually, as crops to a field
RIAIt gradually increases in depth from mouth to head
CRESCSheet music abbr. that indicates to get gradually louder