Crossword Clue:

to occupy completely

AnswerCrossword Clue
ABSORBOccupy completely
FILLOccupy completely
FILLUPOccupy completely.
ENGROSSOccupy completely.
ENGROSSOccupy completely
TAKESProceeds to occupy.
PREStart to occupy?
FILLOccupy to capacity
PRELead-in to occupy
TAFTFirst president to occupy the Oval Office
ADAMSFirst president to occupy the White House
PROTESTPILOTWanted: Flier to tow "Occupy Wall Street" banner
TACAPPROVALWhat's required if you want to occupy a center square?
ADAMSThe first president to occupy the White House, which celebrated its 200th birthday