to pretend
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Pretend to have


Pretend to be

ACTPretend to be.

Pretend to ignore

Pretend to be
IMPERSONATEPretend to be
GOASPretend to be
POSEASPretend to be
Place to pretend
SEEMPretend to be
LIPSYNCPretend to sing
ASSUMEPretend to have.
APEPretend to be
WINKATPretend not to see
SYNCLip-... (pretend to sing)
PLAYDUMBPretend not to know
LIPSYNCJust pretend to sing
IGNOREPretend not to notice
PLAYDUMBPretend not to understand
PLAYPOSSUMPretend to be dead
IGNOREPretend not to hear, say
POSEPretend to be, with "as"
BRANDISHNAMESPretend to know people personally?
ASSUMEAROLEPretend to be someone else
FEIGNReportedly willing to pretend (5)
NAMEDROPPretend to know important people
FEIGNPretend to have, as an illness
LIVEALIEPretend to be what one isn't
LIVEALIEPretend to be something one's not
POSSUMPretend to be asleep (with "play")
COPSANDROBBERSWhat kids may pretend to be
ACTPretend to be someone you're not
ACTPretend to be someone you're not?
LIVEALIEPretend to be something one isn't
AIRGUITARYou may pretend to pick one
LIPSYNCPretend to sing, in a way
POSEURSThey're not who they pretend to be
ASIDELine that actors pretend not to hear
POSSUMPretend to be asleep or dead (with "play")
GOASPretend to be, as at a Halloween party