urban area
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Urban area

SLUMUrban area
CITYUrban area
BLOCKUrban area.

Urban area: Abbr.


Needy urban area

Urban play area
Neglected urban area
BARRIOSUrban Hispanic area
PARKUrban recreation area
ASPHALTJUNGLEPerilous urban area
METROUrban area, briefly
GHETTODepressed urban area
SLUMDepressed urban area
SLUMSqualid urban area
SLUMRundown urban area
SLUMBlighted urban area
STRIPMALLUrban shopping area
SHANTYTOWNRun-down urban area
SLUMRun-down urban area
GHETTOUrban area needing renewal
TOWNEUrban area, old-style
RUHRGermany's largest urban area
GARDENCITYWell-landscaped urban area
OUTSKIRTSRural-urban transition area
THESTREETUrban financial area, informally
GHETTOArea needing urban renewal
GHETTORun-down urban area
CITIEDLike an urban area
METROUrban area, for short
BUSLANERestricted part of an urban area
GREENSPACEVerdant spot in an urban area
GHETTOArea in need of urban renewal
EASTLAUrban area in a 1987 movie
TEASQUAREUrban area set aside for pekoe purveyors?
CITYWARDIn the direction of an urban area
EASTLAUrban area in a Cheech Marin film
GHETTOUrban area populated by a minority group
EASTLAUrban area in a 1987 Cheech Marin film title