without a floor
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

Building usually without a 13th floor


Floor layout without walls


Finished a floor

A floor covering
Resurfaced a floor.
TILEDCovered a floor
MOPSSwabs a floor
TILELay a floor
YEAA floor vote
SANDEDScraped a floor
STOREYFloor of a building
INLAIDLike a parquet floor
MOPSwab, as a floor
WAXYSleek, as a floor
TILEDLaid, as a floor
SWEPTClean, as a floor
WAXINGDoing a floor job
JOISTTimber supporting a floor.
WIPEUse a floor mat
TILESWorks on a floor
ETAGEFloor in a maison
WAXYLike a polished floor
MOPDo a floor chore
WETMOPClean, as a floor
RETILEDLaid a new floor
ONEAA first-floor apartment
STORYFloor of a building
TILEDLike a Floridian's floor
WAXEDPolished, as a floor
ASHYLike a fireplace floor
SEAIt has a floor
MOPUPClean a floor spill
MOPDo a floor job
ETAGEFloor of a maison.
MATLESSLike a bare floor
MOPClean, as a floor
STRINGERBeam supporting a floor.
OILYLike a garage floor
WAXESShines, as a floor
SANDEDDid a floor job