CASEMATE a bombproof shelter
Crossword Clue

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AnswerCrossword Clue

Bombproof chamber in a fort


A shelter


Shelter a fugitive

S. A. shelter
Shelter of a sort
TENTShelter by a campfire
STALLShelter of a kind
IRAShelter of a sort
NESTShelter of a sort.
ADOPTGet from a shelter
MEOWSound at a shelter
ADOPTRescue from a shelter
ARFSound from a shelter
PUPMany a shelter adoptee
COTEShelter of a sort.
SILOShelter for a Minuteman
KENNELShelter of a sort.
REHOUSEShelter a D.P.
GARAGEShelter of a sort.
MUTTMany a shelter resident
BOWERShelter in a garden
EMBAYShelter in a cove
TENTShelter near a fire
AWNINGShelter of a sort
NESTShelter for a shoveler
YIPPEDCried from a shelter
ALEEToward shelter, to a sailor
BAGLADYOne in a shelter, perhaps
COVEShelter from a storm, perhaps
ALEETo shelter, on a ship
TAXHAVENFinancial shelter of a sort
ARKHam's shelter, for a time
ADOPTTake home from a shelter
ADOPTEDGot out of a shelter
LEANTOShelter with a slanted roof
IOFTHESTORMShortened shelter in a hurricane?
HOVELINGPlacing in a crude shelter.
HANGARShelter for a Sopwith Camel
IRAA tax shelter, for short
EMBAYShelter, as in a cove