Paper towel tube material
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Paper-towel tube material


Paper towel


Paper towel core

Paper towel measure
Paper-towel core
ROLLPaper towel locale
PLYPaper towel thickness
ROLLPaper-towel unit
VIVAPaper towel brand
ROLLPaper towel unit
PLYPaper towel layer
RAGSPaper towel alternatives
PLYPaper-towel layer
ROSIEPaper towel-touting waitress
BLOTSUtilizes a paper towel
WIPEPaper towel, e.g.
SOPUse a paper towel
WIPEUPUse a paper towel
ABSORBUse a paper towel
TUBEPaper towel roll leftover
BLOTUse a paper towel
WIPEUse a paper towel
THIRSTIESTMost efficient, paper towel-wise
BLOTDry with a paper towel
WIPEUPUse a paper towel on
WIPEDUPUsed a paper towel, say
ABSORBSWhat a paper towel does
BLOTSUses a strong paper towel, perhaps
SPILLReason to use a paper towel
PATSDRYGently uses a paper towel on
TUBEInside of a paper towel roll
TUBEPart of a paper towel roll
PATDRYBlot with a paper towel, maybe
SOPSSoaks (up), as with a paper towel
BLOTSUses a paper towel, in a way
ROSIEPaper towel hawker, in old TV ads
SOPSUPCleans with a paper towel, as a spill
BLOTSUses a paper towel on, as a spill