SCROFULOUS afflicted with scrofula
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Afflicted (with)


Afflicted with ennui.


Afflicted with pimples

Be afflicted with
Afflicted with rubella
CATCHESBecomes afflicted with
HADWas afflicted with
SOREHEADEDAfflicted with migraine.
BOREDAfflicted with ennui
MALARIALAfflicted with paludism
HAGRODEAfflicted with nightmares.
PODAGRALAfflicted with gout
HASIs afflicted with
CROSSEYEDAfflicted with strabismus
BOREDBOARDCommittee afflicted with ennui?
ACHYAfflicted with the misery.
RHEUMYAfflicted with a cold.
LISPSIs afflicted with sigmatism
AMOKAfflicted with homicidal mania.
ITCHYAfflicted with prickly heat
SPASTICAfflicted with muscle tremors
LAZARBeggar afflicted with disease.
STRICKENAfflicted, as with guilt
GRIPPYAfflicted with the flu
OVERWATEREDAfflicted with root rot, perhaps
AMNESICAfflicted with loss of memory
CRETINOne afflicted with lack of thyroid.