Answer: abas

AnswerCrossword Clue

Nomadic vests


Down with (Fr.)


Opposite of vive

"Down with ...!" in Dijon
"Down with," in Paris
ABASStart of a French protest
ABASDown with, in Dunkirk
ABAS".. le roi!": French Revolution cry
ABASParisian's "down with"
ABASDown with, in French
ABASFrench protest phrase
ABAS"Down with," in Dijon
ABASDown with, in Dijon
ABAS"... le roi!" (French Revolution cry)
ABAS"... le roi!" ("Down with the king!")
ABASBedouin garments
ABASDown with, to Henri
ABAS"Down with!" in Dijon
ABASArab garments
ABASArabian garments
ABASDown with, at the Bastille
ABASChaise ...: French rocking chair
ABASSheiks' robes
ABASOpposite of "vive"
ABASFrench Revolution phrase
ABASDown with: Fr.
ABASDown with.
ABASLoose outer garments of Arabs.
ABASSleeveless garments of Arabs.
ABASArabian garments.
ABASArab garments.
ABASDown with!: Fr.
ABASDown with: French.
ABAS"... le Roi!"
ABASArab gowns.
ABASArabs' garments.
ABASGarments worn by Ali.
ABASArabians wear them.
ABASDesert garments.
ABASGarments of camel's-hair.