Answer: bass

AnswerCrossword Clue

Choir member


Doo-wop group member


It can have a big or a small mouth

It may be striped
Kind of drum or fiddle
BASSChoir voice
BASSStereo knob
BASSAnglers pursuit
BASSFishy instrument?
BASSKind of fiddle
BASSFish or fiddle
BASSChorus member
BASSStriped fish
BASSBarbershop member
BASSForm of fiddle
BASSKind of drum
BASSRedeye, e.g.
BASSCatch for an angler
BASSJazz combo member
BASSBigmouth, e.g.
BASSNeed in most bands
BASSWith a low pitch
BASSSinging fish?
BASSWoofer's output
BASSOf low pitch
BASSMingus's instrument
BASSFour-string instrument
BASSNorth American freshwater fish
BASSWhat subwoofers supply
BASSKing Marke in "Tristan und Isolde," e.g.
BASSOne with a talent for hitting low pitches
BASSSubwoofer's output
BASSGame fish
BASSQuartet member
BASSWoofer output
BASSFood fish
BASSLow voice
BASSLow-voiced singer
BASSSea ..
BASSSport fish