Answer: brrr

AnswerCrossword Clue

"It's too damn cold"


"Boy, is it cold!"


Shivery utterance

"Turn up the heat!"
"I'm frozen!"
BRRR"It's REALLY cold!"
BRRR"I'm freeeeeezing!"
BRRR"It's fuh-reezing!"
BRRR"I'm fuh-reezing!"
BRRR"It's c-c-c-cold!"
BRRR"Turn off the AC!"
BRRRArctic remark
BRRR"I'm chilly!"
BRRRCold response
BRRRDecember comment
BRRRWintertime comment
BRRR"It's sure cold!"
BRRR"It's cold!"
BRRR"It's cold out here!"
BRRR"It's really cold outside!"
BRRRSound with clattering teeth
BRRRChilly reaction
BRRRCold call?
BRRRSound meaning "it's cold outside."
BRRRChilly sound.
BRRRWintry sound effect.
BRRRSound meaning, "it's cold outside."
BRRRShivery sound
BRRRSnowman's comment?
BRRRWinter comment
BRRRComment at International Falls, Minn.
BRRRArctic exclamation
BRRRComment from the chattering class?
BRRRRemark from a draft dodger?
BRRRWinter exclamation
BRRRChilly remark?
BRRR"I'm f-f-freezing!"
BRRR"It's f-f-freezing!"
BRRRIcy remark?
BRRR'It's cold!'