Answer: faro

AnswerCrossword Clue

Betting game


Gambling game


Card game

Oater gambling game
Casino game
FAROGame with a "winning card" and a "losing card"
FAROOld West card game
FAROCard game with a banker
FAROGame named for a king
FAROGame with a casekeeper
FAROBaccarat relative
FAROCasino card game
FAROVegas game
FAROGame in which one bets on two cards at a time
FAROCasino game named for a king
FAROGame also called "bucking the tiger"
FAROVegas card game
FAROCard game played against the dealer
FAROBaccarat alternative
FAROCard game in some casinos
FAROCasino game with a dealing box
FAROCard game favored by Ramses?
FAROGame with a dealing box
FAROEgyptian ruler's favorite game?
FAROCasino contest
FAROBaccarat kin
FAROBaccarat cousin
FAROCard game similar to baccarat
FAROGambler's game
FAROGame like baccarat
FAROGame played in "War and Peace"
FAROCard game that uses a casebox
FAROGambling game.
FAROGame played at Monte Carlo.
FAROCard game using a "banker."
FAROCard game.
FAROBanking game.
FAROCard game with a fixed banker.
FAROGame for Glitter Gulch.