Answer: macys

AnswerCrossword Clue

Sponsor of Thanksgiving Day parade


Big Apple store


November parade sponsor

"Miracle on 34th Street" store
"Miracle on 34th Street" setting
MACYSSponsor of an annual New York parade
MACYSNew York Thanksgiving Day Parade sponsor
MACYS1992 bankruptcy declarer
MACYSThe Loop's Marshall Field's, now
MACYSKris Kringle's employer of film
MACYSThanksgiving Day Parade sponsor
MACYSFlagship store at New York City's Herald Square
MACYSNew York landmark
MACYSBig Apple parade sponsor
MACYSThanksgiving Day parade sponsor
MACYSAnnual parade sponsor
MACYSStore with a star
MACYSJCPenney competitor
MACYS"Miracle on 34th Street" site
MACYSThanksgiving Day Parade name
MACYSThanksgiving parade sponsor
MACYSHerald Square store
MACYSWest Side store
MACYS... Thanksgiving Day Parade (N.Y.C. event)
MACYS"Miracle on 34th Street" employer
MACYSThanksgiving parade producer
MACYSOld "It's smart to be thrifty" sloganeer
MACYS"Miracle on 34th Street" name
MACYSBig parade organizer
MACYSStore featured in "Miracle on 34th Street"
MACYSParade organizer
MACYSStore with a red star logo
MACYS"If you haven't seen ..., you haven't seen New York" (old ad slogan)
MACYSFamed parade sponsor
MACYSNoted parade sponsor
MACYSBig name in Thanksgiving parades
MACYSIts store brands include Alfani and Charter Club
MACYSOwner of Bloomingdale's
MACYSRetailer with a star in its logo