Answer: rerig

AnswerCrossword Clue

Set up differently


Adjust, as sails


Outfit anew

Prepare the ship anew
Fit the sails anew
RERIGGet ready to sail again
RERIGSet again, as a failed trap
RERIGGet (a ship) ready to sail again
RERIGOutfit again
RERIGEquip anew
RERIGFit again
RERIGMake ready for sailing again
RERIGMake ready to sail again
RERIGHoist again, as a sail
RERIGPrepare (a ship) for sailing again
RERIGOutfit twice
RERIGPut on a new set of sails.
RERIGSet up new wires.
RERIGReplace worn equipment.
RERIGFit up again.
RERIGOutfit again, as a ship
RERIGFit out again
RERIGReplace a ship's sail lines
RERIGFix, as the sails
RERIGHook up again
RERIGFix again, as masts
RERIGFix, as sails
RERIGFit anew
RERIGHoist again, as sails