Answer: reuse

AnswerCrossword Clue

Don't waste




Utilize again

Avail of again
Find another function for
REUSEGet more use out of
REUSEConserve natural resources
REUSEDon't throw away?
REUSEGet more out of
REUSENot waste
REUSEEmploy anew
REUSEAvoid wasting
REUSEDon't be a waster
REUSEPut into service again
REUSEEmploy again
REUSEGet the most out of
REUSEWaste not
REUSEPart of an environmental mantra
REUSEDon't throw away
REUSEGet extra value from
REUSEGo green, in a way
REUSEConserve, in a way
REUSEApply again
REUSEGet more mileage out of
REUSEGet more mileage out of, so to speak
REUSEPut back into service
REUSEMake the most of
REUSEFind another application for
REUSEPractice conservation
REUSEBe green
REUSEGet extra value from, in a way
REUSEDon't discard
REUSEBe thrifty
REUSENot discard
REUSEFill, as old water bottles
REUSENot throw out
REUSEReduce, .., Recycle
REUSEFind another purpose for
REUSERecycling aim