Answer: roo

AnswerCrossword Clue

Aussie marsupial, for short


Australian marsupial, for short


Eeyore's friend

Joey's mom
A. A. Milne baby
ROOFriend of Pooh
ROOPooh's baby friend
ROOPooh's friend
ROOOutback bouncer
ROOKanga's kid
ROOAussie bounder
ROOTigger's pal
ROOPal of Pooh
ROOOne of Pooh's friends
ROODown-under critter
ROOMilne marsupial
ROOPooh pal
ROOFictional joey
ROOAussie hopper
ROOJoey of kidlit
ROOPal of Piglet
ROOHopping mammal, for short
ROOMilne character
ROOOutback hopper
ROO100 Acre Wood youngster
ROOBush hopper
ROOBouncing baby boy of children's literature
ROODown Under hopper
ROOPal of Tigger
ROOPiglet pal
ROOPooh's pal
ROOAussie jumper
ROOJoey, briefly
ROOKanga's joey
ROOKanga's offspring
ROOBouncing baby?
ROOJoey of fiction
ROOKanga's baby
ROOBrown-furred Pooh pal
ROOFictional little jumper