not meant
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Not meant --


Meant but not said


Not meant for kids

Not meant for specialists
Not meant to be repeated
EYESONLYNot meant to be shared
OFFMIKENot meant to be public
ROADBIKETransport not meant for trails
HARDANDFASTRULEIt's not meant to be broken
AHEM"That's not really what you meant . . ."
FACETIOUSNot meant to be taken seriously
COFFEETABLEBOOKIt's not meant to be shelved
CLOSETDRAMAPlay meant for reading, not performing
CLASSIFIEDADAGEProverb not meant to be repeated?
SHOTSDrinks not meant to be savored
REUSABLENot meant to be thrown away
DOGMASConcepts not meant to be questioned
COFFEETABLEBOOKIt's not meant for the shelf
PEDALSMechanisms not meant to be handled
ODEOFSILENCEPoem not meant to be recited?
DOGTOYSThey're chewable but not meant to be eaten
RHETORICALDescribing a question not meant to be answered.
PEENIt's not meant to be used on nails
MORNS"... abed and daylight slumber - Were not meant for man alive": Housman