relating to the cabbala
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Relating to the mind


Relating to the shoulder


Relating to the ear

AURALRelating to the ear
Relating to the ankle
Relating to the mails
OCULARRelating to the eye
TAICRelating to the Siamese.
ESTHETICRelating to the beautiful.
CENTRICRelating to the hub.
OPTICRelating to the eye.
CILIARYRelating to the eyelashes.
SINICRelating to the Chinese.
SCENICRelating to the stage.
APICALRelating to the top.
IRIANRelating to the eye.
OCEANICRelating to the sea
SURALRelating to the calf
SELENICRelating to the moon
RENALRelating to the kidneys
CEREBRICRelating to the brain
CARNALRelating to the flesh
AXILLARYRelating to the armpit
PLANTARRelating to the sole
LUNARRelating to the moon
MALARRelating to the cheek
ILIACRelating to the pelvis
CELIACRelating to the abdomen
OCTALRelating to the number eight
NEURALRelating to the nervous system
UVEALRelating to the eye covering
OSCINERelating to the singing birds.
SINITICRelating to the Chinese race.
SIDERALRelating to the stars: Rare.
ADAMICRelating to the first man.
SALICRelating to the Frankish people
CELIACRelating to the abdominal cavity
ULNARRelating to the forearm bone
ISLAMICRelating to the Muslim faith
PAPALRelating to the Roman Catholic Church