the act of examining
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Examining the books?


Sounds from the examining room


The act of: Suffix.

Act of the Magi.
The act of drawing.
STERTORThe act of snoring
GNOSISThe act of cognition
TIONThe act of: Suffix
TRACTIONThe act of drawing
CONGRATULATIONThe act of felicitating
DRAUGHTThe act of drinking
EXCAVATIONThe act of digging
ESPIALThe act of spying
RETENTIONThe act of keeping
SCENEIt's part of the act
ARMSEMBARGOSubject of the Neutrality Act
ALIENSubject of the McCarran Act.
REPEALFinale of the Volstead Act.
DRYSBackers of the Volstead Act.
XIONThe act of: Br. suffix
TIONSuffix meaning "the act of"
LORDITOVERAct like the master of
ACLUOpponent of the CAN-SPAM act
ANTIUNIONLike opponents of the Wagner Act
VCHIPSMandates of the '96 Telecommunications Act
DORAEngland's Defense of the Realm Act.
REPEALThe undoing of the Volstead Act.
AGELIMITProvision of the Selective Service Act.
DIVESTMENTThe act of stripping or ridding
NLRAInitials of the Wagner Act: 1935
PIERCESigner of the Kansas-Nebraska Act
TOSSThe act of flipping a coin
BESTOWALThe act of conferring an honor
SCENEIt's just part of the act
BANKSTargets of the Dodd-Frank Act
DEAEnforcer of the Controlled Substances Act (abbr.)
REPEALSRescinds, as by act of the Legislature.
CIAProvision of the Natl. Security Act, 1947
ACLUOpponent of the Patriot Act, for short
SSNSubj. of the Privacy Act of 1974