Crossword Clue:

to give

AnswerCrossword Clue
SEASONGive relish to
TREATGive medication to
ANIMATEGive life to
ASSUREGive confidence to
DARTo give: Sp.
ANODGive ... to (acknowledge)
ADAMANTRefusing to give
BRINGGive rise to
DEALINGive cards to
ANODGive ... to (approve)
ASCRIBEGive credit (to)
HAVEGive birth to
ENABLEGive power to
ENGENDERGive rise to
REPAYGive back to
INSPIREGive rise to
RATEGive marks to
UTTERGive voice to
RATEGive stars to
CUEINGive hints to
FUELGive power to
STARVEGive nothing to
ADMITGive access to
HAILGive kudos to
LETGive permission to
GENERATEGive rise to
LODGEGive quarters to
REASSUREGive comfort to
DEFINEGive meaning to
TITHEAmount to give
KISSGive lip to?
SIREGive rise to
BOSSGive orders to
SHAREWITHGive some to
ACCEDEGive in (to)
SOLACEGive comfort to
ENDOWGive money to
SPAWNGive rise to
SPAWNGive birth to
TIREBegin to give out