to make lower
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AnswerCrossword Clue

Make lower.


Make lower in quality.


Make a little lower?

Lower, to Luis
To a lower position
NONULower-class, to Brits
ROLLBACKReturn to a lower level
TRADEINSwap to lower the price.
RELEGATEAssign to a lower position
DECLUTCHGo to a lower gear
EBBEDWent to a lower level
DEPRESSIVETending to flatten or lower
EBBGo to a lower level
LIMBOReason to lower the bar
SACRALRelated to the lower back
THEBARSomething to pass or lower
ILEACIntestinal, to a lower degree
CHOLESTEROLLevel many seek to lower
DOWNSHIFTMove to a lower gear
OCCIPITALPertaining to the lower skull bone
REMANDSSends back to a lower court
REMANDSend back to a lower court
REMANDEDSent back to a lower court
MAINLANDThe lower 48, to a Hawaiian
REFIOne way to lower an APR
MAULIt's used to lower the stakes
MAINLANDThe Lower 48, to a Hawaiian
PETSThey're said to lower one's blood pressure
SPLITOne way to lower a stock's price
REMANDSend back, as to a lower court
REMANDSSends back, as to a lower court
PELTATEHaving the stem attached to the lower surface.
INFERIORQUALITYWhat to expect for a much lower price
RIGHTONTHEMONEYExactly ... like a conservative's plan to lower taxes?
NOLITAManhattan neighborhood next to the Lower East Side
TILTEDDOWNRotated to aim lower, as a movie camera
LADYGODIVADeviser of an original way to lower taxes.
OTTAVAScore marking to play higher or lower than written
PELVICRelating to the lower part of the upper body
NARROWSPassage from upper to lower New York Bay (with "The").